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We offer unlimited Internet for the most demanding users. Contact us and check the availability of our services at your address.

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+420 772 724 072
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About us

We are exclusively a Czech company. Our employees have been in the telecommunications industry for over 18 years, accumulating a wealth of experience during this time. We aim to be your partners in the telecommunications field, helping you utilize the services more effectively, which have become a common part of life today, and without which we can no longer imagine the world. We believe that by sharing your requirements with us, we will become the right partners for you. Times change, and so does technology. However, we keep track of the latest trends in the telecommunications industry and are happy to share the proven ones with you. We will connect you to the Internet using modern technologies that ensure high quality, reliability, and guarantee of services provided, so that you become our satisfied customer.

Billing Address and Registered Office of the Company:

PODOSA s.r.o., Kaplanova 1780/1d, 767 01 Kroměříž

IČ: 29355303, číslo účtu: 107-2257920207/0100 Komerční banka

Company premises:

PODOSA s.r.o.

Obvodová 4430/15, 767 01 Kroměříž

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You can review the price list and terms of business.

Quick Internet Activation Procedure

If your apartment unit includes an internet socket, connect the cable (patch cable with RJ45 connectors - available in various lengths) to it and also plug it into your device - laptop, computer, router (must not be a DSL router). Once you have your device prepared in this way, send us an SMS to the number 772 724 072. In the SMS, write the following text: [Your house address and apartment number]. We will contact you within a few minutes and activate the connection for you. If you need to purchase a new router, you can choose from electronics stores (such as Planeo, DATART, etc.) where routers are in stock. We recommend a standard WiFi router that has a transmitter for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. For example, the TP-LINK Archer C80 model or similar.